Catholic Academy Trust

“Meanwhile the child grew in maturity and he was filled with wisdom; and God’s favour was with him.”

Luke 2: 39-40

The Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic Academy Trust is a multi-academy trust in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury. We have a shared vision, united in love, service and faith with Jesus Christ at the centre of all that we do, inspiring our pursuit of excellence.

It was in the context of family life in Nazareth that Jesus learned from Mary and Joseph about values and virtues, his community and his faith. Our ‘family of schools’ and our ‘schools as families’ provide a context where our children and young people can learn about

  • Life sustaining values, virtues and aspirations

  • Building a community of welcome

  • A faith that helps us live with honourable purpose.

We provide an education for the whole person where our children and young people are nurtured in character, wisdom and values, so that they can aspire not to have more but to be more and so make a positive difference in their communities and in God’s world.

Our Vision

Our vision for Catholic education goes beyond our individual schools and changes our perceptions from ‘my’ school, to ‘our’ schools. The Trust allows us to strengthen the work we all do together in providing a world class Catholic education for all the families within our localities and parishes. Staff and governors work together to provide the best for our children and young people in all our schools throughout their education.  The bonds formed between our schools enable a seamless faith learning journey of excellence in Christian education from the early years, through the key stages right the way through to the age of 18. The challenge for us all is how we can share our gifts and talents to ensure that education for all our children and young people is outstandingly holistic, as we seek to nurture and challenge our children and young people to become the best person that God has created them to be.

Our Values

Our work is underpinned by the following values

Honourable Purpose; doing the right thing

Respect; treating others as you would like to be treated

Co-operation; working together

Compassion; wanting to help someone in need

Stewardship; looking after God’s world for the future

Catholic Life

Strategic Plan